Mister Wristband Online Store

Back in my day.......
Remember when?
When I was your age........

We've all heard it said, heck, many of us have said it.

Parents like to tell their kids about their "glory days" especially when it comes to talking about their experience in sports.

Like you, the people behind Mister Wristband share the desire to re-live their past, but have taken it a step further.....at least as it relates to the "gear" we use to wear. The best part, todays players are loving it.

Remember the old school wristbands we all wore? How about those headbands? Well they are making a come back, in a BIG way, and with a very cool twist thanks to Mister Wristband.

Kids from coast to coast are discovering the old school look of wristbands but unlike when we were kids, they have virtually every color under the rainbow to choose from, 15 different colors to be exact.

But there's more!

How cool would it be to have your players number on your wristbands or headbands? Well not only is it possible, with Mister Wristband your players can select their wristband color to match their uniform and Mister Wristband will add their embroidered number to it instantly.

Mister Wristband is also blazing a new trail into eye black.  We have all see professional, college, and other players wearing the eye black strips under their eyes.  Mom's are certainly aware of the eye black "stick" that players use to paint a greasy black mark under their eyes (of course when its time to take it off, it ends up on their jerseys, pants or mom's favorite towel at home).

Mister Wristband is now offering Eye Black with your players number!  Your players will love having their number on eye black, looking like the pros!

Mister Wristband visits Tournament events from coast to coast providing just that to kids of all ages, including some moms and dads that want to "represent" their kids in the old school way. Custom, Personalized, Numbered Wristbands or headbands in seconds at the balllfield, gym, or wherever Mister Wristband has one of their Mobile Units set up, it's the coolest thing since eight track tapes (wait, did I just date myself?).  You can also visit our web site www.misterwristband.com to order.

Whether its baseball, softball, soccer, football, basketball or any sporting event, Mister Wristband is there.

Check out our web site, see where Mister Wristband will be next, and if you operate a sporting event and would to see about bringing Mister Wristband to your next event, give us a call......the kids will love it.....and so will moms and dads.