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RED Digital Camo Compression Sleeves

Sleeves sold individually

Mister Wristband "Pro-Sleeve" Arm Compression Sleeves are made of the absolute finest quality. The sleeves are made using silky soft, but very tough non-woven polyester/spandex materials. Our customers tell us they are simply the most comfortable arm compression sleeves they have ever worn, and we agree.  Mister Wristband sleeves are manufactured for a ergonomic fit, which is said to improve blood circulation for maximum performance, as well as helping to protect the players arm before, during and after games or practice. Our sleeves are also constructed to resist tearing, snagging or ripping. 

Mister Wristband "Pro-Sleeve" compression sleeves can be worn during cold weather and assist in keeping players muscles warm and loose, as well as during hot weather to help wick away sweat for a comfortable feel.  Wear with confidence, like "the pros do".

Sleeves are priced and sold individually.  Most players want two, one for each arm, but we have priced them separately in case your just want one. If you wish to order a pair, just add two to your cart before checking out.  Sleeves are designed to be worn on either arm.